LIXIL DEERS 2018年新人選手トライアウト実施のお知らせ

LIXIL DEERSでは、2018年の新人選手(含移籍選手)トライアウトを、以下の要領で開催します。
LIXIL DEERSに興味の有る方、Xリーグでプレーを希望する方、是非一緒に日本一を目指しましょう!

募集対象 ・2018年3月卒業予定の大学生(秋卒業可能な方も含む)
開催日時 2018年3月17日(土)12:00開始 (11:30から受付開始) ※雨天決行
開催場所 鹿島建設柴崎グラウンド (東京都調布市) ※京王線・柴崎駅から徒歩6分
申込締切 2018年3月14日(水)
トライアウト内容 40ヤードダッシュ  プロアジリティ(5ー10ー5) 3コーンドリル  ベンチプレス
垂直跳び  立ち幅跳び  メディシンボール投げ  ポジションドリル

【身体測定】 身長 体重 両手を広げた時の指先から指先までの長さ 手を広げた時の親指と小指の距離
持ち物 ・アップ用シューズ(必要であれば)
・スパイク(人工芝用) ※フィールドはロングパイルの人工芝です

申込締切は 2018年3月14日(水)です。



LIXIL DEERS, very competitive X league team, will be holding tryout for incoming 2018 season. Anybody meet the cliteria listed below is eligible for the tryout.

Eligibility Anybody legally living in Japan and graduated college as of april 1st 2018. Official release form from the previous team has to be signed by team personel, If you are already playing for another X league team
The registration of a player with a foreign nationality shall be permitted with the following conditions.
However, these provisions shall not apply to a player of foreign nationality who finished a school governed by the Japanese School Education Law. The player shall be engaged in an occupation by which the player makes a living in Japan. In addition, within the US military bases in Japan, Japan’s sovereignty is restricted and therefore, such areas are regarded as outside Japan.
The player shall not have played in professional football such as NFL, Canadian Football, Arena Football, Arena 2 Football or NFL Europe.

Played, means to have played in a game, or to have been entered in the roster for play on the day of the match; regardless of pre-season or regular season.

The player shall not receive any remuneration from any jobs related to American Football (a contract as a professional is prohibited).
Date 2018/3/17 (Sat) 12:00 Try out starts (11:30 Report)
Location Kajima Shibasaki Field (6 min walk from Shibasaki Station of the Keio Line)
Dead line 2018/3/14 (Wed)
Try out events 40 yard dash, Pro agility drill (5-10-5), 3 cone drill, Bench Press,
Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, Medicine Ball Throw, Position Drill,
Body Measurement Height weight Wing Span Hand Span
What to bring Football cleats for turf
Warm up shoes
Exercise outfit

We will ask you for signing weiver form before attending the events.
You have to fill out the online sign up form below before the deadline.



対象 マネージャー/トレーナー
開催日時 2018年3月17日(土)16:00開始
開催場所 鹿島建設柴崎グラウンド (東京都調布市) ※京王線・柴崎駅から徒歩6分
申込締切 2018年3月14日(水)

申込締切は 2018年3月14日(水)です。