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!Important Notices!
We do not hire any agent to recruit players. Anybody claims that representing TAINAI deers is a fraud.
We only supply recruiting information in this URL ONLY. Thank you

Anybody interested in pursuing business career in Japan while you keep playing football in Japan?

I am not talking about playing football as a professional player.
I am talking about utilizing your ability to get international business experience.

It is quite interesting deal.
You may make some cash by playing for a few more years in here or in US.
But think about the career after that.
If you do not make it to NFL, you will loose a few years chances of job experience
during one of the most important time in your life.

US Armed force personnel is not allowed to play for X league. Therefore Deers football Club is not accepting players from US Armed Force.

You will be able to get precious experience in overseas.

If you are interested, please contact me.

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